I’m an award-winning videographer, editor, and video trainer with ten years of production experience in Canada and Kenya (find links to my work here and below). I graduated with a BFA Magna cum Laude from York University’s Film & Video Production program in 2009, but I’ve been making movies since early in my childhood.

From 2007 to 2012, I was involved in non-profit video productions and trainings in Nairobi, Kenya, where I directed three short documentaries and several promotional videos. I’ve also facilitated video trainings for several Toronto-based community organizations.

I’m a six-time Remi Award winner at the Houston International Film and Video Festival for my work as director, cinematographer, and editor on various commercial productions.


Cinematographer & Editor, “Luvu” (2019)

Cinematographer & Editor, “Heaven Bound” (2019)

Cinematographer & Editor, “The Psynchronistic Matrix I” (2018)

Cinematographer & Editor, “Thinking of You” (Toronto Independent Film Festival 2018)

Cinematographer & Editor, “Like a Little Bird” (2018)

Cinematographer & Editor, “In Good Company” (Gold Remi Award Winner, Houston Worldfest 2015)

Cinematographer & Editor, “Excuse Me” (Gold Remi Award Winner, Houston Worldfest 2014)

Cinematographer & Editor, “Stronger Together” (Silver Remi Award Winner, Houston Worldfest 2014)

Director, “Flow of the Nile” (Silver Remi Award Winner, Houston Worldfest 2013)

Video Trainings, Nairobi, Kenya and Toronto, Canada (2010-2014)

BFA, Film & Video Production Magna Cum Laude (York University, 2009)

Student Jurist, Toronto Images Festival (2009)

Cinematographer, “Make Me Legal” (Feature Documentary project, 2009)

Director, “MCEDO: A Volunteer-Run School in the Slum” (2009)

Director, “Halafu” (Nairobi, Kenya 2008)

Director, “CMETrust: Together” (Nairobi, Kenya, 2008)

Director, “Tuko…” (Nairobi, Kenya 2007)

Director, “CMETrust: Pamoja” (Nairobi, Kenya, 2007)



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